Many families experience challenges in life. Seeking help for parents, caregivers, children and/or adolescents can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Who can you trust will understand, is child, youth and family friendly and available when you need?

CYCN Child Counsellors and Pyschologists understand child/adolescent development and psychology and how families work. People can trust that CYCN practitioners have professional membership, qualifications and experience working with children, young people and families.

With a choice of practitioners, CYCN makes it possible to quickly learn about the areas of expertise, qualifications, background, location and availability of CYCN counselors and pyschologists. Connect with the right practitioner here : Connect with a Practitioner or CYCN – 0424 980 878.

Connect Direct Choice

CYCN makes it for people to find what they are looking for.  Connect directly with a practitioner of choice or discuss with CYCN.  CYCN will then refer to the most appropriate practitioner.

Saves time and stress involved in searching. Free, quick, direct access to professional help.

So that children, adolescents and families can mend and get on with living, growing, loving.