CYCN respects and values the privacy of everyone who connects with us.  The CYCN  ‘Privacy Policy’ is designed to protect the privacy of everyone who accesses the service.  This will be done in accordance with the National Privacy Principles (NPP’s) of the Privacy Act 1988.  The NPP’s covers the collection, use and disclosure of personal information.  It also allows for individuals to have access to that information.

Collection of personal information

Information collected directly from individuals will be used to provide a referral to a CYCN practitioner.   This information will usually consist of contact details.  In circumstances where details of family history are collected, this information will also be forwarded to the practitioner.

Use and disclosure

Information collected from individuals will be provided to the relevant CYCN practitioner.  In the event that a threat to an individual’s life, health or safety is identified, individuals will be notified about disclosure of information.  CYCN will maintain confidential records for a 6 month period following initial contact with CYCN.  Records will then be destroyed (unless consent has been given to receive information.  See below).  CYCN may collect statistical information (such as age, date, post code) and ensure that this information remains anonymous.

Individuals who access CYCN may be invited to receive information about relevant services.  Consent for this service may be withdrawn by individuals at any time.


In the event that CYCN receives written correspondence from an individual requesting access to personal information (of the individual), this will be provided unless records have been destroyed (refer to “Use and disclosure” statement).  A copy of the CYCN Privacy Policy is available at or upon request.


Commonwealth Government of Australia.  (2012).  NPPs – Plain English Summary.  Available at Retrieved on 17th July 2012.